Jun 12, 2020
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Whats your color

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Inspiration. You know, that feeling you get when you are so excited about something it takes over your world and your day – and in the best way possible. Like, you are so exuberantly passionate about this one thing that it ends up enhancing all the other things in your life too, because you are purely happy. That is inspiration to us. It is a light, a fire from some place deep within. Our mission at Jesse James Beads is to spark that fire. To be the little ember that ignites your own personal creative flame. And when we have succeeded in this, our own inspiration is once again set ablaze. The creative circle continues, and our mission rolls on.

We are the leader in creative bead mixes and design ideas. Jesse James Beads creates colorful bead collections for jewelry designers and beginner beaders alike. The beads found at JesseJamesBeads.com are exclusive to our shop, and all limited edition finds. We search the world for cool, trendy and rare beads for jewelry design. Our jewelry components are eccentric, polished and ideal for creating a special piece of jewelry Our mission is to deliver a unique, never-before-seen product and provide excellent customer service to our growing fanbase.

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